5 benefits of display advertising for brands

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  • July 09, 2015
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Having undergone many shifts, display advertising has been reshaped to the point when it has become a crucial and inevitable component of each serious business endeavor nowadays. Marketers have already recognized it as an imperative in the promotion of their brands in the display advertising environment.

Properly executed display ad campaigns promote better customer engagement and drive better end results. The online climate nowadays offers countless opportunities for brand promotion, with display advertising in its spotlight.

Why should brands focus on display advertising?

1. Cost-efficiency of banner ads. Display ad campaigns can be a real opportunity to run much less costly display campaigns using banner ads and achieve great results. But how is this attainable? Marketers that seek shorter exposures of their campaigns according to their preferences (event promotions, sales or discounts) can have a huge benefit of display ad campaigns since they can tailor them under their own terms – starting from campaign length, complete control of every step and the possibility to make modifications to it on the go, depending on the performance of the campaign.

2. Use the transparency of display advertising. The opportunity to track and receive feedback from a campaign offers numerous advantages, and marketers should keep seeking ways to make the most use of this opportunity. Compared to other advertising formats, display ads give marketers a chance to receive daily or weekly updated information regarding the performance of their ad campaigns. These insights not only serve to make modifications, if necessary, but they also confirm the success of a campaign and offer valuable perspectives for future branding strategies.

3. Think of display advertising as an important complementing feature of existing advertising strategies. Although display advertising has already gained considerable attention from marketers, other traditional forms of advertising are still being used for various branding purposes.

If still uncertain about its numerous benefits, marketers should think of display advertising as a feature that completes the successful branding puzzle. Although different advertising media can be used to reach certain audiences, marketers should keep in mind that a huge percent of their desired audiences are now online. This being said, they should follow trends and present their brand on the right place, and that’s the place where their potential consumers are.

4. Potential consumers and audiences, once established, should be kept interested. With the use of retargeting, a technology that uses cookies to keep track of targeted audiences around the web, marketers can take different actions to “remind” their consumers of their brand. Conversion doesn’t always happen instantly and using retargeting with display advertising is a great opportunity to drive better conversions.

5. Making use of geo-targeting. Segmenting the market by geographic location allows brand marketers to be creative and personalize their ads in order to make them suitable for different consumers, depending on their geo-location.


Building a brand and working on brand awareness in today’s evolving display advertising environment is a must for those marketers whose aim is to stay competitive in the ever-changing display environment. Today, being digitally involved is not only a matter of choice – it’s a matter of brand existence. Those brand marketers who fail to make use of the huge array of display advertising opportunities are missing a great chance to raise engagement with consumers on a whole new level.

Mimoza Naumovska

Mimoza Naumovska

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