Programmatic: The Game Changer in Digital Advertising

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  • April 25, 2016
Game Changer Digital Advertising

The shift from traditional to digital advertising is a bit chaotic for marketers – they are left confused with this new technology popping out and replacing steps in their daily routines. Moreover, brands are increasingly focusing on changing the mindset toward “digital first”.

Why is digital advertising a must for any type of business today? I’ll be summarizing its core benefits below, with the focus on programmatic media buying. And since programmatic has been the game changer in digital for the past few years, I’ll also provide an explanation on how to get it right.

Key benefits

  • It builds awareness

One of the top priorities of your business is being constantly present among your consumers. By directing your strategy online, you reach a huge range of audience, which increases your chances to build brand awareness more quickly and in the right way.

  • It completes your branding cycle

Marketers today have the freedom to combine several media channels to reach out to their targeted audience, using both traditional and digital ones. The reason why digital advertising is a must because the audience is online. Thus, it hugely contributes to the business growth and strengthens brand awareness.

  • You gain insights about your target audience

Digital advertising gives you tools to reach your profiled consumers. By using these tools, you can gain proper insights about your target audience and use this knowledge to create campaigns that will attract their attention and get conversions.

  • Full transparency

The ability to track and get feedback about your campaign is key with digital advertising. Unlike other forms of advertising, with display ads, you can check the feedback on a daily basis. With this, you are informed whether your efforts are successful, or you need modifications. Feedbacks lead to better strategies and possible long-term campaign success.

  • Not all contracts are expensive or long-term

The good thing about digital advertising is that you get to tailor your campaigns, avoid long-term contracts that squeeze your budget, and be in control through short term planning and buying activities. By making use of the technology supporting digital advertising, you get to lower your costs and save time.

Online display ad campaigns are an efficient way to help you adapt to the increasingly demanding marketplaces and consumers, and let your company and product evolve together with your campaigns and strategies.

Enter programmatic

Since it still poses confusion among many players in the industry, it makes sense to clarify the basics of programmatic ad buying and how to get the most out of it. One thing is certain – those who have already implemented it in their marketing strategies are already witnessing improvement.

Let’s summarize the most common issues regarding programmatic media buying in the points below.

What is it?

Programmatic is an automated tool for media buying. Marketers can buy each impression in real time, pick users and placements with the help of programmatic technology and available data. Media buying actually is done with either real-time bidding or programmatic direct. The former stands for bidding on per impression basis in real time while the latter stands for pre-negotiated, arranged placements.

How do you buy media?

Start by selecting the buying tool – a demand-side platform. These platforms have a huge network of sites at disposal for your ads. You can target audiences based on categories, geo-targeting, fold positions, devices, browsers, frequency capping and many other targeting tools usually DSPs offer. Some of the next steps include managing your data by choosing a DMP, adding third party data and verification tools and so on.

Quality control

Make sure to do a research and choose trusted sellers. Also, choose established DSPs that offer quality networks of publishers to minimize the risk of non-human traffic or ad placements within inappropriate context.

Real-time feedback

A huge plus with programmatic is that you get results in real time. You have the control to make appropriate adjustments, pause and play the campaign to optimize your results.

How does all of this help?

The main advantage of programmatic is buying media in a smarter and automated way. By making use of its features, you are able to show the right message to the right consumer in the right context and time. This adds relevance to the content and the ad itself, and if done right, leads to increased ROI.

Final thoughts

Today’s technology offers virtually limitless opportunities for advertisers to stand out in the crowded digital space. The automated media buying in digital advertising will continue being consumer-centered, offering numerous advantages for all sides, as they’re already seeing its benefits.

As for the advertisers, they should keep their focus on creating programmatic teams and partners, and search for better ways to make the most out of their programmatic experience. This leads to increased campaign effectiveness.

Making your ads relevant, personalized, and targeted to the right audience is what programmatic is all about. This brings me to the most important aspect of every ad campaign – creating better and long lasting relationships and building brand awareness.


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