Four Reasons to Go Mobile Programmatic

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  • July 30, 2015
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Programmatic advertising has come a long way, from its rocky beginner steps several years ago, to establish the new pillars of the display advertising environment. Marketers are increasingly interested in including its features in their campaign strategies and have been reaping the benefits on all campaign levels.

Why mobile programmatic?

Largely anticipated as the next logical step in the programmatic realm, mobile programmatic is still experiencing its infancy, but on the other hand, it has already solved several core issues surrounding its desktop equivalent. So why is mobile programmatic so important?

  • Customers are there.

A rapidly increasing number of consumers, especially millennials, use their mobile devices for most of the day, and mobile is their primary access to the Internet. Having this in mind, marketers must follow their potential customers and their device preferences, as they turn to mobile devices for different purposes. Knowing where your potential customers are is key, and following them is even more important.

  • Those that experienced success with desktop programmatic, won’t ignore mobile.

Marketers that have already adopted programmatic technology and use it for their desktop ad campaigns are well aware of the benefits it offers. It’s highly likely that they would follow the mobile trends and include them in their campaign strategies for a number of reasons, but most likely because of the customer shift to devices different than desktop.

  • Mobile programmatic offers improved targeting.

While targeting the right audience was one of the greatest strengths of programmatic in the first place, mobile goes a step further and offers more improved methods of geo-location, primarily through hyperlocal targeting. With this, ads will become even more relevant; consumers, depending on their location, will see specific ads in the context of their location. Advertisers, on the other hand, will have the chance to connect with them on a whole new level, choosing from different factors and deciding on the most suitable messages.

  • Gathering data is more detailed on mobile than on desktop.

As point 3 states, the use of improved targeting methods means better and larger amount of data collected. Compared to desktop, mobile programmatic is the perfect mixture of in-depth, detailed data generated from various mobile devices, and this ultimately raises the chances for a conversion. Thus, advertisers have a unique chance to tailor their ads according to the preferences of their potential consumers and expect engagement and conversions.

Future perspectives

Mobile programmatic will bring advertisers closer to the consumers, and if employed properly, its benefits are numerous – from campaign efficiency to reaching the right consumers on devices of their preference, all this in a cost-effective manner.

Mobile programmatic is surely changing the way marketers engage their audiences, and those who still hesitate to employ it miss out a great opportunity to engage further with their consumers and increase their ROI. In fact, mobile programmatic delivers its promise, and its future seems quite bright. And of course, in the end, it’s not just keeping up the pace with trends – it’s about being aware of your customers’ needs and modify your strategies to meet them.

Mimoza Naumovska

Mimoza Naumovska

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