Things We’ve Learned About Programmatic Ad Buying So Far

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  • August 13, 2015

The facts and figures about programmatic ad buying speak largely in its favour – 62% of marketers use programmatic for their branding goals, while the next two years will witness an increase of their budgets by 37 percent.  Programmatic has shifted the entire landscape, from the way we buy and sell media, to reorganizing the budget spend, all this by optimizing the potential of campaigns.

How can we define the basis of programmatic ad buying?

On a basic level, programmatic ad buying is all about introducing automation as the means to simplify and skip the necessary steps typical for traditional campaign strategies. Now, marketers using programmatic have real-time feedback about the performance of their campaign, which they can use to modify and improve it on the go. Lowering costs because of automation and real-time insights are the winning combination that make programmatic ad buying the right choice for marketers. But it doesn’t end here – marketers now have huge amounts of data at disposal and can decide faster.

The shift of consumer behaviour

Although programmatic ad buying brings numerous benefits, marketers need to focus their attention and efforts to the increasing shift of consumer behaviour. Audiences today want more personalized ads, as they turn to mobile devices – it’s the center of the digital life.

Let’s review some of the most prominent facts about programmatic ad buying so far.

  • Programmatic promotes efficiency.

We’ve heard this so many times, but it doesn’t hurt to summarize it once again – the efficiency of programmatic lies in the automation of the campaign process and in elimination of the steps involving negotiating, meetings and correspondence. But this doesn’t mean that marketers no longer communicate, it simply means that steps typical of traditional ad buying models are no longer required.

  • Programmatic encourages intelligent use of data.

Another concern regarding the increased adoption of programmatic ad buying was that machines will take over most of the processes and remove those experts in charge of deciding about inventory allocation. In reality, however, programmatic allows marketers to make the most out of the different types of available data and use it to engage better with their potential customers. Thanks to programmatic technology, agencies now have precise insights on each step of their campaign strategy.

  • Programmatic doesn’t exclude people.

Ever since programmatic became predominant choice of marketers for ad buying, there were fears that people will no more be needed because of the automated process. But this is not the case – quite the contrary, programmatic trends require existing experts to specialize in the new field and brings new work opportunities for creative professionals. In fact, the creative component of programmatic ad buying is very important – as audiences expect more personalized messages, fresh and new ideas are needed more than ever to meet their needs, and this is where creative minds are necessary.

  • It also takes transparency to a new level.

Knowing what you pay for and the price you pay for it is not enough anymore – marketers want to know exactly where their ads will end up, and transparency is the promise that programmatic makes and delivers. Now marketers, buying programmatically, can be safe to know that their messages are placed in safe environments and in front of their target audience.


The advertising environment has been going through major shifts and marketers seem to readily accept this and modify their campaign strategies accordingly. Brands, marketers and agencies should constantly explore new ways of delivering relevant messages and building awareness among their target consumers, and programmatic surely is the way to deliver that.


Mimoza Naumovska

Mimoza Naumovska

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