Industry News: Four Key Mobile And Location-Based Trends For 2016

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  • January 26, 2016

This year, we’ll witness the strong upward trend in mobile progress, which is a continuation of the path set in previous years.

Mobile Payments/Mobile Commerce Go Really Big

Needless to say, mobile will be big this year, but the more important question is how big? The figures show that on Black Friday alone, 32.2% of online sales happened via mobile, and 57.2% of total online traffic on that day was mobile. This trend will expand throughout the year, not just on one of the biggest retail days.

This year will also be the year when mobile payments will fulfill their promise. Companies are joining forces to make the smartphone a reliable payment option and meet the needs of who prefer this type of payment.

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How Ad blockers are encouraging companies to tackle consumer privacy concerns

Ad blocking isn’t going anywhere, and it’s high time that industry players realized this. Those who are aware of the developments in the industry should shift their perspective and look at ad blocking as an opportunity, rather than a threat.

Change consumer perception with engaging content – Ads are largely perceived as something that we have to put up with if we refuse to pay for online content. But this can change with more engaging, interactive and social experiences to which consumers would respond better. Platforms should be developed that will complement the impact of the blocking. Consumers will be more engaged with the content and get the message if it is less distracting.

Merging ads with site content – Consumers are more likely to install blockers if they feel forced to absorb a certain message. Marketers should avoid tricking their users into clicking on an ad. Although there isn’t a website that can be completely immune to the option of installing an ad blocker, native advertising will be the crucial tool for overcoming the obstacles created with ad blocking.

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Media spending patterns show ‘the death of the media agency’ is much exaggerated

In the digital era of today, studies show that media agencies are needed now more than ever, especially with the rise of programmatic technology.

The recent report by the IAB UK tackles the two sectors in digital advertising – mobile and programmatic; according to this report, almost two-thirds of mobile display ads are traded using programmatic technology. The study, conducted by Circle Research, took into account insights of over 300 brand-side marketers, and came up with results that over half of them purchase mobile inventory programmatically.

Low understanding of tech among brands

Among the insights of this survey, what’s alarming is that only 29% of the surveyed marketers claimed they had “excellent” knowledge of the discipline. Additionally, 45% of respondents revealed “little or no knowledge” of the sector, even though half of mobile ads were bought programmatically. But this is understandable, considering the fact that being up to date with tech is more of a full-time job.

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