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  • April 07, 2016
Brand Future Safe

The media ecosystem has been experiencing major changes, and as a result of this, traditional methods for brand building are losing their effectiveness, as they’re witnessing the emergence of new opportunities.

The main changes that cause this are the media digitalization and democratization of information. How are these undermining the traditional brand building methods? How to build a brand with digital in focus? And how can marketers employ the “Digital 1st” mindset in their companies as soon as possible?

The Digitization Of Media

The full potential of digital can never be used fully if it is treated a “below the line” medium. If we fast-forward 10 years, traditional media channels such as TV and radio will be managed by the same infrastructure as our smartphones, laptops and tablets.

The ideal media plan is a mix of the future, and marketers have to get on board with this mix as soon as possible, since it is fundamentally different from the old one.

In a digital world, consumers don’t tolerate aggressive advertising in the way it’s served on TV. We’re already witnessing the emergence of ad blockers, and this means that marketers need to attract consumer attention with relevant brand messages, and not force them to do so.

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3 Reasons For The Rise Of Data Science In Marketing

Digital is becoming a lifestyle for nearly anyone around the globe, and along with this there’s an explosion of data, in which actions can be mapped with a good precision. This has lead to the rise of data science. In other words, it’s the insights that clarify people’s interaction in the digital world.

For marketers, data science carries value because it helps local businesses to reach, target and engage consumers with better precision. In fact, data science is currently reshaping the marketing landscape, and it is considered the future of consumer interactions.

What are the reasons for this?
Marketers need data science. The fact that data science has emerged as a point of focus, this means that marketers have the chance to prove their hypotheses with improved precision and confidence.

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Here’s How Oversized Web Ads Are Encouraging Ad Blocking

The reason why people are increasingly blocking web ads perhaps could be in their creation: it’s slow and bloated.

There’s a prevalent feeling among publishers that ad agencies consistently create oversized, tracking-ladden ad files often delivered at the last minute, leaving publishers no time to push back. This behavior contributes to the slow loading time of some web pages, and also encourages the growing use of ad-blocking software among consumers.

As the industry struggles with who is to blame for the ad blocking growth, publishers and ad tech companies have emerged as the responsible ones for undermining the user experience. But there’s a growing belief among publishers that ad agencies are the ones to blame, as they’re trying to create ads that the clients’ long lists of needs.

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