Industry News: Programmatic Isn’t Killing The Creative

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  • May 21, 2015
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Overcoming initial skepticism, programmatic advertising and real-time ad buying are faced with concerns regarding creative. Publishers see data-driven strategies to digital marketing as a replacement of humans with machines. Some marketers characterize these strategies as a sacrifice of creative content in the name of efficiency.

These fears breed concerns that denounce the benefits of programmatic, however, they are merely sensational and have little to do with the real state of affairs.

One of the claims is that programmatic is replacing humans with machines, and at first glance, this seems to be a valid point. However, the aim is not to take humans out of the bigger picture but to make the process faster and more efficient so that professionals can focus on other strategies. Introducing programmatic doesn’t mean humans are gone, it means their role has changed.

Another concern is that programmatic is killing the creative aspect of advertising, and while this might seem legitimate to a certain extent since advertisers can be tempted to sacrifice creative content to get a banner quickly in front of the right audience, marketers are aware that audiences nowadays prefer personalized ads, and work in that direction.

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Marketers, Is Your Data Scalable?

Over the past years, big data has gained greater importance and today it has the key role in the programmatic industry. This is mainly due to the mix of newly introduced technologies in the display landscape while consumers seek relevant communication with brands.

One of the industry trends is the division of companies with and without scale, and what divides them is data. Data is why scaling is important, therefore, marketers should experiment and discover if their data is scalable.

With the use of data at scale, marketers can reach different consumers with relevant advertising through different channels, and customize these messages based on a search of consumer interests, location, demographics, etc.

But it’s nearly impossible to know if something works until one tries it. Therefore, the first rule for marketers who seek to create scalable strategies is experimenting. However, before doing this, they should ask themselves several questions.

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Programmatic Creative: Look to Existing Processes for Guidance

Media buying has been boosted with the speed and efficiency of programmatic, and now it is the creative side’s turn to follow this trend, according to an eMarketer report, “Creating Ads on the Fly: Fostering Creativity in the Programmatic Era”. This is largely due to the fact the past creative processes have difficulties in following the programmatic needs.

Witnessing creative changes, the existing infrastructure and mindset will need to shift to follow that development. Marketers and agencies can seek guidance in the existing processes to navigate the changes.

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Tosho Tanevski

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