Succeeding In Mobile Advertising: The Journey Begins

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  • September 03, 2015
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As digital media is growing up, mobile becomes the predominant choice of consuming content. Marketers, on the other hand, are searching the best ways to incorporate it into a wider offer.

Numbers speak in favour of the rapid mobile growth, as users increasingly engage online on more occasions on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s fairly safe to say that mobile already dominates the industry.

Moreover, brands see a great opportunity to increase their budgets for mobile ads as a result of the increased media consumption and the rising user engagement. This state of affairs only shows that mobile won’t slow down its expansion any time soon.

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Why Does Digital Marketing Matter?

Consumers are increasingly turning to the online marketplace and this increases the relevance of digital marketing. A business has to be visible to the search engine results when potential buyers are looking for a specific product or service.

Simply having a website or a blog is not enough any more – businesses need an adaptable strategy that can be easily modified in the changing landscape and which will ensure that their methods are targeted to the key markets.

It’s important to note that in 2015, over half of consumers searched on their mobile devices – however, there are still businesses that have sites with poor mobile versions, and this is an issue that should be considered and resolved.

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Programmatic Playing A Key Role In Mobile’s Surge

The new projections by eMarketer have noted that mobile will account for 52.4% of the total digital ad spend for 2015, thus surpassing desktop and print for the first time.

So, where is programmatic in the flourishing mobile ad industry? Programmatic actually plays an important part according to the report by IAB, which states that it represented 52% of all display ad spend for 2014, or $10.1 billion. Moreover, while banner ads made up nearly 80% of the spend, the report noted that mobile and video formats are on the rise.

According to Monica Peart, the forecasting director of eMarketer, “Mobile display ad spending is still [growing] quite healthily in 2015.” She also added that programmatic “already makes up the majority (57%) of mobile display ad spending and continues its growth pattern as a majority share of mobile display ad spending.”

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