Industry News: Three Ways to Deliver Future-Focused Digital Advertising

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  • June 02, 2016

Digital advertising far from dead, despite some recent fears about its future existence. However, in order for the industry to survive, players should adopt a more realistic look at why and how display advertising has failed to keep pace with evolving consumer habits and preferences.

Marketers should shift their focus to creating better, quality experiences that consumers will find appealing enough to not block them. Marketers need to start thinking more boldly and find more inventive ways with which they’ll become part of the future of digital advertising.

Even though this is not an easy task, everyone in the industry can contribute by simply guiding themselves from the everyday, common approaches to digital advertising. Here are the three strategies buyers can take up that will take them down the road to success.

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How Ad Blocking, Invalid Traffic And Viewability Impact Campaign Delivery

The recent infographic of ComScore, as part of their Advertising Benchmarks series, takes a closer look at how ad blocking, invalid traffic and viewability are influencing ad delivery on a global scale. It also dives into the solutions the industry can provide to address these challenges.

Among the other insights, there are some interesting findings: Males 18 to 24 in the U.S. are 100% more likely to block ads on desktop than the average consumer in the U.S. On the other hand, women of the same age are 42% only more likely to block ads in comparison to the average consumer. There’s is an obvious discrepancy; from this, it turns out that men are more impatient than women.

Viewability of desktop display ads varies from 39% to 50% across markets. Moreover, according to comScore, more that half of the ads on a global scale don’t have the chance to be seen. Among the markets surveyed, Canada came in at 50% on video viewability; Italy and Spain were behind with 49%, while the U.S. was in with 48%.

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Mad men vs. maths men

Programmatic has completely shifted the way in which the advertising industry does business. IAB’s estimations for last year were that 60% of served display ads were traded using programmatic technology, reaching to a staggering 1.6 billion pounds spent merely in the UK. To the moment, the percentage of those working in advertising who still haven’t shifted to programmatic is decreasing.

But even though the industry is largely impacted by this shift to programmatic, it has to be clear that it hasn’t been globally welcomed. On the contrary, despite addressing the issues around its technology, programmatic is still accused of being the killer of creativity.

Some marketers argue that its reliance on data and automation interferes with the creative and artistic elements of advertising. Instead of being fully adopted as the driver of creativity, it has been occasionally seen upon with suspicion, regarded as primarily a channel for sale and purchase of remnant inventory.

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