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  • January 18, 2016
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Constantly emerging digital trends can be hard to keep up with. In an effort to provide relevant insights from the display advertising landscape, our new category will tackle industry issues by providing expert opinions. This month, we talked to Max Teitelbaum, the Co-Founder and CEO of the WhatRunsWhere, a premier online competitive intelligence platform. In this interview, he discusses about the future of banner ads, among other things.

Tell us about yourself and WhatRunsWhere?

Well, okay. Hi there, I’m Max. I’m the CEO and one of the founders of WhatRunsWhere. I started working in performance marketing over ten years ago. I was an active affiliate marketer for over 6 years. During that time, I noticed a huge need for competitive information on what my competition was up to. The issue? Nothing existed like that at the time, especially not with an affordable price point.

My partners and I built WhatRunsWhere to change that. WhatRunsWhere is the premier online competitive intelligence platform. We show you where anyone is advertising online, how they’re buying media and let our customers make more informed buying decisions, benchmark industry trends and prospect new clients in a more efficient manner.Max1

Once you have access to competitive intelligence data, what are the next steps? How should it be used to maximize strategy?

I find the key with using competitive data is about finding the similarities. What is similar in the data? Is everyone using the same call-to-action (CTA)? It’s not about copying people, it’s about spotting what’s working for your competitive set and integrating that into your own advertising.

Is there a key piece of data in WhatRunsWhere that online marketers sometimes overlook but that should be used to inform their strategy?

I think the key thing people miss is they don’t expand their research far enough. It’s not just about your direct competitive set and looking at what they’re doing. Looking at other people that are targeting the same audience and how they advertise can unlock insights that many people miss.

Based on your experience, can you provide some insights specific to display advertising? To start, what do you think gives better results: Text vs. image banner ads, animated vs. still banner ads?

I think each campaign is unique. What works for one campaign won’t necessarily work for the other one. The answer is simple, test. You should utilize competitive intelligence to save time and money in your testing by pre-optimizing your test elements, but at the end of the day, the only way to get real results is to carry out split tests and see how your target audience responds.

What are your thoughts about the future of banner ads?

Banner ads will start to dramatically change over the next few years. With the rise of HTML5 the limits of what advertisers can truly do to create great advertising experiences on the web will change and grow. Using cross unit promotions and other tactics, advertisers will be able to create less obtrusive ads that provide more value to the end consumer.

What are 2-3 major trends digital marketers need to capitalize on right now?

I think as previously stated, advertisers need to start taking a long hard look at HTML5 ads and how it impacts their advertising strategy. In addition, the rise of native advertising is a huge trend in the industry right now. Non-obtrusive and blended ad units are gaining steam quickly and we see huge adoption by advertisers and agencies alike towards these new ad formats.

How has the rise of programmatic impacted display advertising?

Programmatic has fundamentally changed the way ads are bought. It gives way more power to both advertisers and publishers alike. It exposes publishers to a larger array of buyers and gives advertisers instant access to massive amounts of inventory. In theory, it’s a great for the ad industry. That being said, it is still a young technology, it is evolving and as more inventory makes its way to programmatic exchanges, we will continue to see the rapid adoption of this trend.

We appreciate the insights from Max Teitelbaum, the Co-Founder and CEO of WhatRunsWhere. Our sincerest thanks!

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