Top 3 Challenges & Solutions of RTB for Ad Agencies

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  • April 16, 2014
RTB Challenges

If you are having trouble with RTB, we will explore the most common challenges that Ad Agencies face, and what we as a network have done in order to mitigate those concerns, and overcome the same challenges.

Ad Agency: Its hard finding quality traffic…

RTB traffic is generally remnant i.e leftover traffic. Most websites have direct guaranteed deals with certain advertisers, networks, agencies, and whatever they have unsold is sent to RTB. This might mean that you’ll be getting the less valuable impressions often occurring deep into the user’s session. As a result the traffic might be less responsive. Due to these reasons, one of the main complaints regarding RTB traffic is the quality of the traffic.

Our Solution

Strict quality control. We go over the performance data of each placement, listen to the feedback and comments from our clients, and run our own tests with live traffic. All the data is manually reviewed by our team and the inventory that doesn’t meet the criteria is removed.

Rather than pilling on subpar inventory in order to have more volume, we focus strictly on only allowing the quality placements. And this is a constant operation. Since Bonadza was launched right until now, we’ve went from over 35,000 placements to under 3,000. Meaning, under 10% of the RTB inventory met the strict quality standards we set.

What this means for an ad agency is that Bonadza has inventory which is proven to be responsive, and will perform,  assuming you’ve set up everything properly on your end.  We’ve already done the job of finding good placements for you.

Ad Agency: We are not interested in RTB / Remnant traffic…

This is a very common concern among ad agencies. Ad agencies representing major reputable brands, especially ones with larger budgets would only like the first-look premium traffic. They are often reluctant to use Remnant / RTB traffic, which they considered something lesser.  We have a solution for clients that have such strict needs.

Our Solution

For those with strict standards who only want the “crème de la crème” of traffic, we are able to set up private deals with premium publishers of your liking. This is done via a neat feature we support called DealId. A simple way to describe DealId would be as an automated version of the good old insertion order.

What happens on our end is we basically reach out the publisher and negotiate a reserved portion of traffic. The deal will be done according to the parameters you provide to us, for example:

  • Site:
  • Channel: Business, World News and Sports
  • Session Depth: First look
  • Fold Position: Above the fold
  • Geo Target: USA, Canada
  • Creative size: 300×250, 728×90
  • Device: Desktop

We send out a proposal to the publisher, and when the proposal is accepted you’re good to go. To avoid any kind of confusion, we’re not brokering a direct deal here. This is not like a standard direct deal where you’re obliged to buy a certain amount of traffic in bulk. You still have the flexibility to pause or resume traffic whenever you want as well as use the full spectrum of our targeting, reporting and optimization features to narrow down the perfect audience you’re aiming for.

Ad Agency: Scaling our campaign can be an issue…

Getting more RTB volume is usually not a problem at all. Getting responsive traffic that is relevant to your brand is the hard part. Usually, an ad agency spends the initial testing budget on various types of inventory i.e sampling the goods to find what works. Once they find the direction that works best for them, they stick only with the inventory that worked well. Once they need to scale, they look for similar inventory and add it to the campaign.

A very common issue here is that the type of inventory can often be scarce. The inventory will be limited, so will the volume. Thus, scaling would be very difficult, especially if you have a large budget.

Our Solution

Our team will work side by side with to get you additional quality inventory. First, we talk things with you over to get an idea of the type of inventory that works for you, as well as analyze your campaign data. Once we have an idea regarding the type of inventory that is needed, we go over our internal data and look for additional suitable placements that might work for you.

If the new inventory we find doesn’t produce the desired amount of volume, we go forward and contact our RTB partners to request more inventory suitable to your needs. We make sure on our end that any new inventory that we get meets our quality standards.

Alternatively, we can reach out to specific publishers that perform well for you and request more volume to be reserved for you. This is done via the dealId feature which is explained in a bit more detail above.

Thus, with a combination of RTB traffic, the insight you’ll get from our team, and well as the private deals we can setup with publishers of your liking the scalability of your campaign shouldn’t be an issue at all.

To sum things up, for the 3 challenges described above we take a methodical approach and treat the root of the problem, not the symptoms.

Vojdan Vrchakovski

I'm a co-founder and Ad Operations Director of Bonadza, an online advertising network utilizing RTB technology. As an Ad Operations Director, I'm responsible for choosing quality inventory for our advertising platform as well as establishing and maintaining relationships with our advertising partners.

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